Printed and personalized a marketing campaign tailored to a select group of prospects


Increase mid-market business share using a direct mail promotional campaign


  • Take designs from client and develop into 3 dimensional custom boxes
  • Build prototypes for six baseball and bat boxes
  • Boxes – 4-color process with aqueous satin coating, gloss laminate, adhere to corrugate, die cut
  • Brochures – collate 2 sheets, fold, saddle stitch with 1 regular staple and 1 eyelet loop stitch, punch 1/8” hole
  • Attach custom themed tag to each ball, mount in box, shrink wrap, ship
  • Match each recipient with the branch banker nearest to them
  • Mail one box each week to CEOs over a six week time frame
  • After meeting with banker, the CEO received custom bat


All baseballs and bats were delivered to prospects without damage


FirstMidwest baseball bat and baseballsFirstMidwest baseball bat and baseballs