Richards Network Solutions, Inc. (RNSI) – Since 1996

Realizing the Internet would revolutionize communications, RNSI was formed as a sister company to compliment the many strengths of Richards Graphic Communications, Inc. RNSI is focused on website design & hosting, software & database management, in-house IT support, network security, and evaluating - planning - delivering custom network servers and backup systems.

Woman works in a server room with her laptop and server racks.

We provide complete systems which include firewalls, servers, routers and backup solutions

If desired, our engineers will install a turn-key system and take responsibility of the entire project. This eliminates finger pointing and assures a smooth installation with minimum downtime. We will work with your Information Systems Department in the planning stages to coordinate installation and testing. We can also monitor the system once installation is complete from our offices. Additionally, statistical analysis is available to provide site-use information with off-site, automatic backups.

One source, many destinations

The transition into website development at Richards was smooth. The same relationship exists between a printed piece and a website. The information communicated in each medium has to motivate the reader to take some action, as well as being visually pleasing and functional. Using the same files for both print and web pages creates a powerful synergy. For example, the same images, text, and illustrations can be used for a brochure and then modified for use on a webpage.

The days of static web presence and sluggish technology are over

Whether you need creative content for your online web presence or network design and implementation, we have you covered. We offer everything from inventory control, asset management, database and system administration to keep your staff operating at their best. Cloud systems and virtualization, secure remote access and help desk systems can be utilized to keep your business up-to-date and secure. Let us work with your company to update or design what you need.

RNSI has the ability and experience to create a solution that fits your demands!

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