Smiling car salesman in show room with few customers in background.


Use customized templates to advertise your seasonal products and special promotions in order to drive traffic to your storefront and increase sales volume. Follow up emails can be also generated in order to reduce cart abandonment and capture orders from individuals who left the site without ordering.

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If health is a component of your brand, use targeted emails that promote brand awareness. Highlighting your brand in connection with educational content that encourages healthy lifestyles is a win-win for you and your audience.

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Legal / Financial

Distribute legal notifications such as 30-day notices and other required information that ensures you remain compliant with Federal and State regulations. Richards is reliable and accurate.

Group of diverse business people working in a support centre sitting at desks in front of computer monitors responding to email enquires

Sales Training

Encourage your sales team to use multiple marketing channels to increase profitability and market share.

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Use our powerful tools to deliver individual emails confirming membership, points, account balances, and more. Auto renewal options help increase retention of current clients.