We recycle the following products:

Lubricating oil – used oil is cleaned and reused

Metal – banding wire, steel and aluminum

Plastic – no. 2, 4, 5 and 6 plastic containers

Paper – uncoated and coated bond, text and cover

Cartridges – laser cartridges are returned for reuse

Corrugated – used cartons are recycled

Computers, monitors and keyboards – sent to specialized recycler

Ink – waste inks used in cement kilns for fuel, never to landfills

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Other actions that help the environment:

Lights – conversion to LED lighting with motion sensors completed in 2016

Inks – all process inks contain soy oils

VOCs – lowest possible VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) levels possible emitted during production

Waste – solid waste stream reduced over 50%

Workflow – complete digital workflow

Press – Richards uses CIP3 technology that allows the file information to be sent to the press to pre-set the ink settings; this reduces the make-ready time and paper waste by 30%

Temperature Control – Richards uses web-based controls that monitor and adjust heat and light in the plant and office

Shipping – Richards coordinates shipments so that multiple shipments are delivered at the same time to minimize fuel usage