Created a 3’ × 8’ banner that had to be wind resistant and portable


Manufacture a large banner for tee boxes and around greens for the Nicklaus Companies in Florida


  • Must be strong enough to withstand significant winds and stay upright in sandy soil
  • Must be reusable and waterproof
  • Image must be visible on both sides from a distance
  • Must be able to be tethered for additional support


  • 3’ × 8’ banners were imaged on 2 sides using a fade resistant Matte Vinyl
  • Banners were made with pole pockets with sealed top ends and open bottom ends so that wooden poles could be inserted
  • Grommets were added to both ends to allow for tie downs, wind slits added to minimize wind pressure against banners
  • Banners were printed in 4 process colors matching corporate PMS colors
  • UPS tracking information was sent to the client for tracking purposes in custom shipping containers


Jack Nicklaus Banner